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TIFA Sports hoofdtrainer


Audiovisuele media expert




With everything we do, every step we take, we strive to create winners, leaders, and role models.

We make sure we have the means to produce players that make it worthwhile for people to visit the stadium.

  • TIFA set, including a TIFA outfit, tracksuit, raincoat, wintercoat, and a pair of Adidas football shoes
  • Healthy meals at TIFA Sports Café 
  • Physiotherapy session once a month
  • Free courses to develop your coaching and leader skills
  • Clear and transparent career opportunities and growth
  • On-site sports facilities 
  • Company events
  • Product discount on all Adidas products
  • Healthy lifestyle plan
  • Above-average salary and conditions
  • Located in the innovative city of Rotterdam

We develop talent to its exceeding potential

Our football school, events, online presence, TIFA Play, and TIFA Sports Café are all consistent with our mission and basic beliefs. It all serves one purpose: to help our talents flourish at what they do!


At TIFA Sports we have a winning culture. But to win, we need to act like champions! 

Just like champions, our employees need mental strength in their DNA. We foster the athlete’s mindset through a set of behaviors that we want to enable and develop in our people and that are at the core and in line with our philosophy. 


We call them the CTI:

  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Imagination


TIFA Sports celebrates diversity, supports inclusiveness, and encourages individual expression in our workplace. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination toward any of our applicants or employees. We are an equal opportunity employer.


In addition to this expression, we welcome anyone to apply to one of our positions regardless of background, work experience, and education titles which are written on a piece of paper. Our application process is unique as we are, and provides a genuine opportunity for anyone to apply and surprise us by employing a rigorous selection process.

Application Process


Apply for a position

Be bold.


Scan our Socials and online presence

Write us a letter or send in a video, with why TIFA Sports is amazing and what you can bring to the table to reach our goals.


Visit TIFA World

Visit TIFA World and tell us why TIFA Sports is even more great and what you can do to help us achieve our goals in a letter or a video that you send in.


Interview at TIFA Sports Office

Be prepared for the finals.


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